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With the convenience of being just 5 min away from the US border we are able to come and pick you up so you won’t have to handle the hassle of making long border lines. Our shuttle service is available on our business hours all you have to do is call us to make an appointment and we’ll pick you up.

And if you decide to drive to Tijuana, here are the directions to find us.

1.- When you cross from San Ysidro border to Tijuana, you are going to see a Sign saying “Zona Río”

2.- You need to take that lane (its on your left side)

3.- You’re going to go up that bridge and follow the green sign that says “Zona Río”

4.- When you’re going down your going to see a Costco on your right side. Go straight.

5.- Your going to go all straight till you see a light stop and traffic roundabout. There’s a McDonalds on your right side in the corner.

6.- You don’t have to go all aroung the roundabout, you need to go straight.

7.- Then you are going to go one street and a half, and on your right side you are going to see a big parking lot, you need to enter the parking lot.

8.- Then you’re going to see a big building that says Go into that building, We are at the 3rd floor, office # 306.


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